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  • Residential & Commercial Maintenance

    Our Maintenance department goes beyond weekly services. You are provided a personalized crew that consists of your weekly field staff, giving the workers the advantage of mastering every square foot of the property. Along with a property manager that ensures your specific needs are met.

    Maintenance Services:

    • Mowing and Edging
    • Trash Removal
    • Spring and Fall Clean-Up
    • Lawn Fertilization
    • Insecticide/Herbicide Applications
    • Aeration and Overseeding
    • Deep Root Fertilization
    • Dormant Pruning
    • Tree Care
    • Bed Weeding and Cultivation
    • Spring and Summer Annuals
    • Fall Mums and Pansies
    • Winter Greenery
    • Custom Planters
    • Mulch and Compost
    • Perennial and Flower Care
    • Snow & Ice Removal

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